Wicked Maze

Wicked Maze is an iPhone physics puzzle game I created on 2012. The released version that was on iTunes is a 5-level demo. The game is inspired by an early Taito arcade and Super Nintendo game called Cameltry, or On The Ball.

The source code is available on Github.

Explore huge levels, collect coins, and combat enemies as a bouncing ball. The game uses your smartphone’s accelerometer to move the ball around the maze.

Players must tilt their phone to navigate the traps, and gain enough speed to destroy enemies and break through barriers in the game.

Game credits:
-Albith R. Delgado: game design, programming and art.
-Jose Ríos-Reboyas: music and sound effects.

Note: some of the tile sets used are the same as those used in ‘Lucky Warp’, my previous iPad game. The art for Lucky Warp was created by Pablo Pimentel.