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Since 2012, I’ve been teaching courses on game design, programming and art at universities in Puerto Rico. I see my role as a point of contact between the creative tech communities and more established sectors in society, namely arts, education and government.  I saw the need for this in my home island, as I found (and still find) a systemic difficulty there for the growth and sustainability of a creative class.  As I teach courses and interact with the community, I hope to continue developing skills that can benefit this growth and sustainability of a creative class that we all deserve in Puerto Rico & the rest of the world.


Some of the courses I’ve taught:

Introduction to Game Design: students modify children’s games, card games, and later create their own board games and interactive narratives.

Sample student projects:  1 ,  2.

Game Programming Fundamentals: students learn how to make simple games in C# with Unity3d.


Turabo Game Jam:

The third game jam i coordinated, this time with the help of the Puerto Rico chapter of the International Game Developers’ Association (IGDA).  For this iteration, the game jam was held in the facilities of Turabo University’s International School of Design & Architecture (EIDA).  Prizes to the top teams were provided by Unity 3D and Digital Tutors.  A panel of judges selected the winning entries, consisting of Raúl Rodríguez of Digital Tree, James Lynn of Turabo University’s EIDA, and Frankie “Hambo” López of Yo Soy un Gamer.  Participants could also enter games into the worldwide Indie Speed Run competition.


Round of Presentations: Game Design in Puerto Rico (Diseño de Juegos en Puerto Rico)

A 2012 round of presentations, where 3 local companies (2 make games, 1 does 3d animation) spoke of their process, successes and struggles to a diverse audience in Turabo University.  The 3 Companies: Kraniumtivity Games, Batú Games and Work in Motion Studios.

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