_old_Other Media

1.Presentation: ” Games, Art and Society” (in spanish)  made for the Festival de Videojugeos de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Videogames Festival)

 This presentation was a primer on game studies and alternative gaming trends (indie games, newsgames, streetgames) for a general audience of students, developers, and professionals.

2. Game ethnograhic study : “The Cake is A Lie”, by former student  Edaleen Cruz, written for my “Introduction to Game Design” course in Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, Spring 2013 trimester.

Edaleen prepared a paper on local game player culture, sketching a portrait of different game players in modern-day Puerto Rico.  This paper is a start of what I believe is an important topic for Puerto Rican game researchers to delve into.

3.Videos and Images from events I’ve coordinated:

  • Festival de Videojuegos de Puerto Rico

(Puerto Rico Videogames Festival):  article(in spanish) and media.

  • Digital Creative unConference
  • Series of Talks: Diseño de Videojuegos en Puerto Rico