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Organized by hackerspace Laboratorio del Error Disenado (Laboratory of the Designed Error , or LED), this was the first independent games festival in Puerto Rico and the first to focus exclusively on locally produced games.  Two lectures on game studies and a game design workshop was organized.

When: July 20th, 2013
Where: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Santurce, Puerto Rico.
Please check out pictures and a video (in Spanish). Here’s why we organized this.

The Games:


The Lectures:

1.“Juegos, Arte y Sociedad”  or “Games, Art and Society” by Albith R. Delgado.

    • An introduction to game studies and modern gaming trends such as indie games, newsgames and streetgames.  Audience: game players, developers and intellectuals.

2.“La Inteligencia Artifical, la Cognición y los Videojuegos” or “Artificial Intelligence , Cognition and Videogames” by Rogelio E. Cardona-Rivera

    • Rogelio’s presentation of his graduate research in North Carolina State University.  In a few words, Rogelio is researching and developing technologies to create interactive narratives based on player choices, among other factors.


The Workshop:

3pm-5pm: Analog Games Workshop, led by Albith Delgado.

This 2 hour  workshop included exercises adapted from the GDC Game Design Workshop and 8kindsoffun.com

3pm: Introduction to the concept of Game Mechanics.
3:30pm: Exercise: learn how to play Briscas (Spanish card game)
Modify the game of Briscas.
4pm: Challenge (if the first exercise is done): Turn an electronic game into an analog prototype.
4:30pm-5pm: Play the modified games.