Austerity and the Citizen

Austerity and the Citizen (project page, source code) is a game that simulates the impacts of austerity policies in government institutions and its citizens. This game closely follows the events of Puerto Rico’s debt crisis.

 Players assume the role of three actors affected by public spending cuts. 

First, as the head of the water authority, players must provide water access and maintenance to the distribution system, while maintaining the agency’s finances and protecting the water supply from drought.

Second, as the secretary of the department of health, players must work to keep the healthcare system operating, despite the increasing emigration of doctors to the mainland US and the threat of federal funding cuts.

Finally, as a couple of retired citizens, players must pay their bills and stay alive, despite the increasing reduction in services provided by the first two actors.

Can the citizens survive 5 months of extreme austerity policies? 

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This prototype was created as part of a master’s project for Georgia Tech’s Digital Media program.